Notice of BSN’s Major Updates on September 6th, 2022

3 min readOct 10, 2022

The newest quarterly update was deployed on September 6th, 2022, with significant optimizations of existing features, updates to the BSN-DDC Network, and the launch of the BSN Spartan Network. Starting with this update, there will be three main categories in the BSN quarterly updates: BSN official portals (BSN China and BSN International), BSN-DDC Network, and BSN Spartan network.

BSN International Portal

  • Optimized the BSN International portal, now based on Enterprise BSN, to improve the user experience
  • Fixed bugs in the package dependencies of BSN DID Services to enhance security

BSN China Portal

  • Optimized the BSN China portal, now based on Enterprise BSN, to improve the user experience
  • Launched the Neo-based Open Permissioned Blockchain — Jiuquan Chain
  • Optimized Open Permissioned Blockchain functions: bulk recharge APIs for Wenchang Chain and Wuhan Chain, the interaction between the IDE and smart contracts on Wuhan Chain, and balance inquiry for all Open Permissioned Blockchains
  • Integrated Hyperledger Fabric 2.2.1 SM2 Version in the BSN ICH based on the Poly Enterprise interchain solution
  • Fixed bugs in the package dependencies of BSN DID Services to enhance security

BSN-DDC Network

  • Optimized the BSN-DDC Network portal: added an announcement module and a real-time network statistics module to the home page; optimized the home page, the English registration page, and qualification certificates of platforms
  • Launched the Corda-based Open Permissioned Blockchain, Zunyi Chain; upgraded the official DDC smart contract, SDKs, and chain services
  • Introduced platform chain services: users can call on-chain smart contracts directly by building a local API interface
  • Made the source code of DDC Vault open source
  • Added demo from third-party portal to the DDC Vault
  • Built a browser for Zhongyi Chain to view all on-chain information
  • Renamed Tangshan Chain as Guiyang Chain
  • Improved the stability of the payment gateway
  • Optimize the performance and stability of the BSN-DDC official portal and OpenAPI

BSN Spartan Network

  • Launched the BSN Spartan Network International Portal
  • Released non-cryptocurrency public chain, Spartan-I, based on Ethereum
  • Released non-cryptocurrency public chain, Spartan-II, based on Cosmos
  • Released non-cryptocurrency public chain, Spartan-III, based on PolygonEdge
  • Embedded a governance model to ensure decentralization and co-governance of the BSN Spartan Network
  • Implemented a virtual data center management system and deployed corresponding smart contracts
  • Deployed a smart contract to enable official DID services
  • Deployed an official NFT smart contract

Since the commercial launch on April 25th, 2020, the BSN China and BSN International portals have gone through 10 and 9 quarterly updates, respectively; the BSN-DDC Network completed two quarterly version iterations, and the BSN Spartan Network was officially released. As a public IT system infrastructure, BSN will continue integrating new frameworks and enabling various advanced technical services to serve global business and drive digital innovation.

For more details about quarterly updates, please check out the user manual on BSN portals. For general inquiries, please email us at Subscribe to our official Medium to not miss anything! Thank you!




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